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CBD Oil for Anxiety: Cannabidiol’s Role in Combatting Stress

By Muyen Peng | Aug 15, 2018

Anxiety is a serious problem, inflicting roughly one in five American adults, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. This has led many to seek relief in some form or another. Unfortunately, and too often, people find their relief in the form of side-effect-ridden and addiction-producing medications. According to various research, CBD oil for…

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CBD Vape Juice Vs. CBD Oil: Do You Know the Difference?

By Melissa Miller | Aug 13, 2018

CBD comes in different extracts. The most common is CBD oil, though there are also CBD wax, CBD juice, etc. People new to the industry tend to confuse CBD oil with CBD vape juice, often using the terms interchangeably. While the two contain the same base CBD extracts, their mode of application differs. We’ll explain…

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Cannabis Research: What the Most Up-to-Date Studies Reveal

By Melissa Miller | Aug 6, 2018

If you have been following our site, then you know we back up all of our claims with independent studies. We take pride in never relying on junk science or company-funded studies. Cannabis research is ever evolving as the medical community evolves in its own testing procedures. We also realize that new studies may conflict…

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CBD Oil for Pain: Cannabidiol’s Role in Pain Management and Opiate Withdrawal

By Melissa Miller | Jul 30, 2018

Can you really take CBD oil for pain? Is this a legitimate form of alternative medicine? More people are asking these questions as they gravitate towards natural and holistic approaches. It is not healthy, after all, to become too dependent on traditional pain relievers, such as NSAIDs like Ibuprofen or Tylenol. Let’s examine the science…

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THC: Everything You Need to Know About Cannabis’ Psychoactive Compound

By Melissa Miller | Jun 4, 2018

People new to cannabis assume that its use in any form makes you high. This is such a gross oversimplification. For beginners, it’s important that they understand the many compounds that make up the cannabis plant. You cannot truly understand marijuana without learning about THC. This is especially true for recreational users. What Is THC?…

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Where to Find the Best CBD Oil for Sale

By Melissa Miller | Jun 1, 2018

Perhaps you have done your research on CBD and realize that it’s actually beneficial. Maybe you looked at some of the prior posts on this site and learned a thing or two about its medicinal qualities. You’re sold on the research and want to experiment for yourself. Where do you start? Where can you find…

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Factors to Look for in CBD Reviews: Know the Real Reviews from the Fakes

By Melissa Miller | May 9, 2018

There are probably just as many CBD products on the market as there are cannabinoids in a cannabis plant. More choices aren’t necessarily better. With options galore, how do you determine legitimate products from the snake oils? A look at CBD reviews is important to filter out the oils and dabs that are inferior and…

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What Is Cannabis? A Look at the History and Busting the Myths

By Melissa Miller | Apr 17, 2018

Non-cannabis users may have a lot of preconceived notions about the plant. The most common belief is that it’s solely used for the purpose of getting high. This reputation has led to a stigma that some people prefer to shy away from. This is unfortunate because people that may otherwise benefit immensely may never give…

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Medical Cannabis: Everything You Need to Know About Its Use and Legality

By Melissa Miller | Apr 13, 2018

Medical cannabis may not necessarily be identical to cannabis for recreational use. Are you exploring the efficacy of marijuana for medicinal purposes? We’ll explain the scientifically verified benefits for treating various ailments. The potential applications range from alleviating muscle pain to reducing epileptic seizures. We’ll also explain the laws regarding medical cannabis use; grey areas…

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