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  • Learn How to Improve Your Health, Energy, and Vitality With Nature's Most Sacred Healing Plant
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Hemp as Medicine

If you are looking to learn how Hemp/CBD can address a specific illness, for yourself, a loved one, or a pet, start here.

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Want to learn about the different Hemp/CBD brands and what their product offerings are? Start here!

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If you're curious about hemp and CBD and you want to learn more about the plant, this sections is for you.

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"I used to have issues falling asleep at night. I would toss and turn until after midnight, then end up waking up at random times throughout the night. The info I've learned from The Universal Plant has me sleeping like a baby: falling asleep fast, staying asleep, and waking up with energy." - Darren C., Florida

"My knee pain has plagued me for years after a work-related injury. Doctors prescribed me painkillers, only to realize I was exhibiting addiction symptoms from them! After Googling around, I found the info on The Universal Plant which helped me get rid of my chronic knee pain without using any more dangerous pharmaceuticals." - David R., Colorado

"Anxiety has been my achilles heel for well over 20 years. I finally got rid of it after what I learned in your presentation! I seriously feel amazing to not have those 'pins and needles' and stress every day. Thank you!" - Lisa M., Virginia