CBD Gummies: The Candy That Heals

CBD Gummies: The candy that heals (a bowl of varied colored gummies)

Surely, as a kid and probably even as an adult you have snacked on gummy bears and gummy worms. There is just something about the chewy-goodness that is irresistible to the human palate. This is why multi-vitamins and other medicines come in chewable gummy tablets; consuming your daily vitamins becomes a treat. CBD gummies are…

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What Is CBD Oil? A Primer on CBD Tinctures

A drop of tincture falling out of the bottle with cannabis flower in background and text overlay What is cbd oil?

Is CBD synonymous with hemp or marijuana? Will CBD oil get me high? For the newly initiated, we realize there are a lot of questions swirling in your head. This primer will seek to answer the most frequently asked questions for first-time CBD users. It’s not easy to differentiate between different CBD products. What is…

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CBD Oil for Dogs: Can Cannabis Benefit Your Furry Friend?

Woman considering CBD Oil For Dogs while petting her dog's face

If you have been keeping up with The Universal Plant for some time, then you know CBD is a safe and natural remedy for most ailments under the sun. Various scientific literature has backed CBD as a viable solution for treating pain, anxiety, epileptic seizures, opiate addictions, and more. Of course, the vast majority of…

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CBD Oil for Anxiety: Cannabidiol’s Role in Combatting Stress

Anxiety is a serious problem, inflicting roughly one in five American adults, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. This has led many to seek relief in some form or another. Unfortunately, and too often, people find their relief in the form of side-effect-ridden and addiction-producing medications. According to various research, CBD oil for…

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CBD Vape Juice Vs. CBD Oil: Do You Know the Difference?

CBD comes in different extracts. The most common is CBD oil, though there are also CBD wax, CBD juice, etc. People new to the industry tend to confuse CBD oil with CBD vape juice, often using the terms interchangeably. While the two contain the same base CBD extracts, their mode of application differs. We’ll explain…

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Cannabis Research: What the Most Up-to-Date Studies Reveal

If you have been following our site, then you know we back up all of our claims with independent studies. We take pride in never relying on junk science or company-funded studies. Cannabis research is ever evolving as the medical community evolves in its own testing procedures. We also realize that new studies may conflict…

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Where to Find the Best CBD Oil for Sale

Perhaps you have done your research on CBD and realize that it’s actually beneficial. Maybe you looked at some of the prior posts on this site and learned a thing or two about its medicinal qualities. You’re sold on the research and want to experiment for yourself. Where do you start? Where can you find…

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