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CBD Vape Juice Vs. CBD Oil: Do You Know the Difference?

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CBD comes in different extracts. The most common is CBD oil, though there are also CBD wax, CBD juice, etc. People new to the industry tend to confuse CBD oil with CBD vape juice, often using the terms interchangeably. While the two contain the same base CBD extracts, their mode of application differs. We’ll explain how one generally uses CBD oil vs. using juice.

What Is CBD Vape Juice?

We did an introductory article on CBD juice, which we highly recommend. We explain how to use the liquid, what it’s used for, its efficacy, and safety.

Some people, however, still think CBD oil and vape juice are one in the same, which they’re not. To quickly recap, CBD vape juice is intended for vaping. Though you technically and safely can do so, CBD makers did not create them for oral ingestion. You vape them using a vape pen and inhale the vapors to derive the benefits.

Some vape juices do contain nicotine, though some brands are nicotine-free. The nicotine-loaded variety is usually the better choice for smokers gradually trying to wean off of cigarettes. According to a UK study, vaping is 95% safer than cigarette smoking. Unlike cigarettes, CBD vape juice also does not produce tar, carbon monoxide, or other harmful carcinogens. Besides the CBD extract, the juice only contains natural and/or artificial flavorings and additives.

The UK study also doesn’t take into account the many benefits of CBD extract, such as pain relief and addiction management.

What About CBD Oil?

CBD oil is a product you consume orally. You may also see CBD oil supplements listed as “CBD tincture,” in which the item comes with a dropper. Use the dropper to apply the oil under your tongue and let it dissolve.

The oil serves as a carrier for the CBD extract, which is a solid in its pure, isolated form. CBD makers dissolve the extract in the oil so users can easily ingest them. CBD vape juice also contains some form of carrier, though that’s where the similarity ends.

Why Can’t You Vape CBD Oil?

Technically, you can vape CBD oil and ingest CBD vape juice. However, for best results, use the products the way the manufacturer designed them for. A reputable manufacturer will never list a product as “CBD Vape Oil” or “CBD Vape Tincture.”

The reason it’s not optimal to vape CBD oil is that it contains a different carrier than CBD vape juice. CBD oils normally contain canola, olive, or hemp oil as the carrier, which the body can more efficiently digest and absorb the nutrients. These carrier types are too viscous for a typical vape pen’s heating coil to burn.

CBD vape juice tends to contain an additional ingredient, usually a thinning agent of some sort to make the oil less thick.

You can attempt to vape CBD oil, but you’ll end up getting very little CBD and a bad taste in your mouth. You’ll also have to wash the oily gunk off the heating coil. It’s just not efficient.

Is One Better Than the Other?

Vaping tends to have a higher bioavailability (about 50% to 60%) since the fumes contain CBD extracts that enter your system without having to bypass your digestive tracts. When you vape, the mist particles quickly move into your lungs and distribute into the bloodstream in mere minutes.

The bioavailability of CBD oil for ingestion is only about 15%. However, this doesn’t mean vaping is superior in every instance.

Some people are on the fences about vaping due to the negative connotations of cigarette smoking, even though vaping and smoking are entirely different. For beginners uncomfortable experimenting with a vape pen, we suggest starting with the more novice-friendly CBD oil. Place a few drops under your tongue and let sit for about 90 seconds before swallowing.

What About DIY Ones?

It has become a trend for cannabis users to concoct their own CBD vape juice. The way they do this is by heating the oil, either in a microwave or pot of hot water. They then add some sort of liquid – usually vegetable glycerin – to thin-out the oil.

While making your own CBD vape juice is doable, we honestly don’t see what benefit you derive from it. In the end, the cost comes out roughly the same, and you spend countless hours creating what is readily available in stores. Creating your own CBD juice is ultimately an endeavor we recommend leaving to a true cannabis hobbyist. If that’s you, then have at it.

CBD Oil and CBD Vape Juice Available in Estores

For the newly initiated, we recommend starting with CBD oil or edibles before transitioning to vaping. See our Where to Buy section for an assortment of CBD and hemp products. Most sellers can ship their products to almost every state, though there are a few exceptions depending on individual state laws.

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