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Where to Find the Best CBD Oil for Sale


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Perhaps you have done your research on CBD and realize that it’s actually beneficial. Maybe you looked at some of the prior posts on this site and learned a thing or two about its medicinal qualities. You’re sold on the research and want to experiment for yourself. Where do you start? Where can you find CBD oil for sale? After all, it’s not exactly available at your local Walgreens.

We will talk about where the best CBD oils could be found. You’ll know exactly how to distinguish the reputable sites from the black markets.

Quality Assurance

Obviously, you should only buy CBD from sites that sell high-quality CBD oil. By high-quality, this means high purity levels without useless fillers and preservatives. Pure CBD extract is always the best. Of course, any company can claim its products are high-quality, though a biased claim doesn’t make it so.

When researching the top CBD oil for sale, always be sure you can verify the manufacturer’s claim of quality assurance. Does the company have a certificate of analysis (CoA)? This verifies that the company has submitted a sample of its products to a federal or state-approved lab for testing. You can contact the company to enquire whether it has a CoA if it doesn’t mention it on its site.

Even if a company does have a CoA, you still need to dig a little further. The CoA should be updated within the last year. It should also have a CoA for every product in its inventory.

Having an up-to-date CoA for every product seems excessive. However, this is a sign that the company takes its business and ethics seriously. It’s also important for user safety. Untested CBD products may contain harmful solvents, pesticides, heavy metals, and other contaminants.

Innovative Products

When looking for the best CBD oil for sale, you should also consider certain innovations. A basic CBD oil is fine as long as it’s pure. However, a little ingenuity never hurts. What do we mean by innovation? If buying CBD capsules, an innovation may include time-release tablets or microencapsulation.

Innovation also extends to the cultivation process. Does the company use advanced monitoring or other technology in its grow rooms? You can also look at the formula. Maybe it contains a unique blend of CBD, other cannabinoids, terpenes and other natural herbs. Be sure, though, that the company lists these items and not hide them under a proprietary blend. Often, so-called proprietary blends are just an excuse for hiding inferior ingredients.


Established cannabis sites like Leafly and High Times occasionally review CBD oils or compare manufacturers. Obviously, testimonials straight from the company’s site are not exactly trustworthy. While the positive testimonies are likely real, companies only display the very best reviews.

Always research independent sites for unbiased reviews. Even then, you still need to exercise your best judgment. Some companies may elicit five-star reviews from users in exchange for a discount or other freebie.

Likewise, you should also take crappy one or two-star reviews with a grain of salt. Users may have unrealistic expectations. When they don’t see results after the first application, they automatically scoff off the product as snake oil. Make no mistake about it, CBD has immense and scientifically documented benefits. We have discussed most of these medicinal benefits in past posts. However, you cannot expect an instant cure-all in any product.

Others may also expect to get high. When they don’t start seeing unicorns or go on an astral trip, they brush off all CBD products as overhyped. Such users are unaware that it’s THC and not CBD that has the psychoactive effect. In order to meet federal and state compliance, 99% of CBD oils contain THC levels below the legal 0.3% limit.


Sustainability practices aren’t an absolute must. However, it shows that a company is dedicated to a cultivation method that doesn’t overtax the environment. The company should have a page dedicated solely to its practices. Are the cannabis plants organically grown? Has the company pledged not to use harmful pesticides?

Cultivating marijuana is an energy-intensive practice. According to the Denver Post, indoor cultivation methods in the U.S account for 1% of the nation’s total energy consumption. 1% may not seem like a lot, but it’s more than its share for a single and relatively small industry.

Some cultivators and dispensaries are making commitments to follow new sustainability practices even if they’re not regulatory obliged to do so. At the technology level, this may include the use of energy-saving lighting and HVAC systems. It may also make use of timed watering systems.

Find the Best CBD Oil for Sale: Our Recommendations

We are very careful to only recommend products that satisfy the above criteria. Do CBD companies have to satisfy every single listed parameter? No, but they should show that they make some effort to establish themselves as a legitimate brand.

For our personal recommendations, see our Where to Buy page. Don’t take our word for it, though. Research these sites and judge for yourself whether they meet your personal smell test.

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